I Designed MY LIFE Alba Barrett | About
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About Me

First of all, Welcome to my page. You’re in the right place…

Congratulations on being brave enough to DREAM BIG and BELIEVE that there is something GREATER out there for you.

I know you crave more, you just cannot accept that this is ALL THERE IS for you in this life.

You have followed the beaten path, you have got your career, your family, your nights out at the weekend, your holiday every year, but there is still something MISSING.

You would love nothing more than to be FREE! Free to travel, Free to live where you want, Free to spend your time as you choose, Free to not worry about money, Free to do the work you are passionate about, Free to be YOU every day, FREE to enjoy LIFE!

But you just can’t see the HOW.

You can’t connect the dots…

And anyway you’re not really sure you are unique or special or QUALIFIED ENOUGH to go out on your own!

And would it even WORK OUT if you did have a clue what THAT BUSINESS was?


I was there myself once!

That’s why I figured it out so you don’t have to do it alone!

My name is Alba and I believe in YOU.

“But you don’t know me” – I hear you say!

Yes, but the fact is my superpower is that I CAN see what makes people special and powerful, capable, brave and successful.

I CAN join the DOTS.

I CAN help you see how all your passions, skills, life experiences and expertise can be channelled into a profitable online business.

How? You may ask yourself…. I just have a really powerful foolproof system that anyone can use and I would LOVE to teach you how.

Schedule a 1-to-1 Breakthrough to Freedom Session with me to start creating your personalized business model for freedom and success.

You have Greatness Inside you

My dream is to create a thriving community of women entrepreneurs creating businesses and being successful on THEIR own terms, in a way that supports their freedom and beautiful lifestyle. Yet so many women I meet are stuck in careers and lives that don’t inspire them and most importantly don’t give them the freedom they desire.

It doesn’t have to be this way, TRUST me!

I know because I’ve been there and decided enough was enough. I have more things I want to experience, more business ideas and passions to pursue, more places to see, more time with my family and friends to enjoy!

I have created my I Designed my Freedom Coaching Program for women like you to design the business that will support the free lifestyle they crave.

Many women have had success with this system and I have made it my life’s work to work alongside these women who crave freedom and help them to achieve it.

I truly believe we need to redefine what it means to be women and entrepreneurs and how we want to live our precious life!