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My name is Alba Barrett……

And I am an online business coach for women like you who want much MORE from their lives.

My dream for myself has always been to be financially free, to own my own time and to live the life I choose while doing the work that I love. For as long as I can remember I have craved having a big impact in the world and making a difference in people’s lives but I didn’t really know exactly how or through what means.

And anyway I didn’t always believe it was possible, I said to myself for many years “You are just a dreamer, that’s what everyone dreams about, it’s not realistic, this is just REAL life, I suppose you had better just accept it”. I had gone through the traditional route in life that many of us follow of not knowing what to do with our lives, finishing school, choosing a university degree or occupation based on what our parents want us to do or following friends and choosing a career path by default.

“Is this IT? Is this all there is? Surely, this can’t be all there is for me in this life?”.

I ended up studying a degree that I really didn’t love in engineering, and then moving on to do a Masters in something I did love which was Business and Marketing. This led to a corporate Career in Sales and Marketing after University which was comfortable, well-respected, well-paid and NOT WHAT I WANTED!

This was over 8 years ago now but I can still remember how painful it was living a life by default instead of one by design. I tried and tried to bring my best self to that career and move up to see if that would satisfy me but still the record playing over and over in my head was “Is this IT? Is this all there is? Surely, this can’t be all there is for me in this life?”.

So I decided to take the leap and become an entrepreneur, opening my service business 7 years ago  serving the fashion conscious people of Dublin in tailoring their clothing to make them look and feel their best. I built that business to multiple 6 figures and surrounded myself with a fantastic team who still serve our amazing customers to this day. Although I loved my business and built it to be hugely successful, I now found myself in a situation where I was working harder and longer hours than I had EVER worked as an employee!

I never felt like I could switch off, and I never took holidays that I actually fully ENJOYED as I was constantly worried about what would go wrong in my absence! Hey, hold on a second….

This is not the kind of freedom I had dreamed of when I became an entrepreneur!

I still desired complete time freedom without having to sacrifice financially! I desired to have a business that SUPPORTED my lifestyle, not a business that CONSUMED my lifestyle.

I desired to have the TIME to spend enjoying the fruits of my labor! What I really DESIRED was that dream lifestyle that I think we all desire if we are truly honest with ourselves.

A lifestyle with enough time to dedicate to the parts of my business I REALLY enjoy, to spend time on my PASSIONS, to spend QUALITY time with my family and friends, be able to TRAVEL and see the world, all without guilt or worry.

I made it my business to figure this out for myself and give myself the freedom I desired. And I said to myself – If I figure this thing out, I am going to make SURE to help other women like me to achieve it too.

This led me to where I am now, living my dream life and doing the work that I love helping women to channel their skills, passion and expertise into profitable online businesses that support a free lifestyle and financial success.

And that’s what I Designed My Life is all about!

Alba Barrett – I Designed My Life Founder

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About Alba Barrett

Congratulations on being brave enough to go it alone as an entrpepreneur and on your success in business, you really are a rockstar!

But I know you crave more, you thought entrepreneurship would give you more freedom than this, you thought you would have ownership of your time and would spend it as you choose.

Even though you have done well financially you thought you would have achieved greater wealth and you still have many unfulfilled passions and opportunities and groundbreaking ideas in you as an entrepreneur. If only you had the time or headspace to go there.

My name is Alba and I believe business should be easy and fun and free! I have more than one passion and more than one successful business and I have more in the pipeline and I can do this without overwhelm or stress or missing out on family, friends, travel, me-time, and FUN.

How the Process Works

Alba Barrett empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and holds you accountable


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In-depth analysis


Talking it through


Analysis of recovery

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Alba Barrett empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals